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Pep Love, also known as Pep Lava, is a Black American rapper from Oakland, CA by way of Jackson, MS. He was first heard on the b-side of Del the Funky Homosapien’s Wrong Place at the Wrong Time\ Elektra Records single release on a song titled Undisputed Champs. This obscure, mythical rap classic also featured Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Pep’s rapid fire - rhythm wave riding - metrenome sex style was honed from 90’s Hip Hop as a member of the well known and well regarded Hieroglyphics rap crew.



Pep Love’s debut solo album, Ascension, was a Hip Hop journey into the mind and soul. This, along with his outstanding vocal contributions and concepts on Hieroglyphics’ albums Third Eye Vision and Full Circle, established Pep’s signature mark as a rap artist early on in his career. Pep returned in full force in 2012 with the Rigmarole LP.  Hip Hop My Friend, the lead single from the Rigmarole album, was widely praised by hardcore hip hop heads and can be heard playing on the radio of jacked vehicles in the video game Watch Dogs 2.


Since Rigmarole Pep has been back with various music releases including Fallacy Fantasy; a collaborative effort with Hieroglyphics comrade Opio as First Light. Pep’s Dolla Daily EP in 2014 showcased his skill as a beatmaker in addition to his already renowned abilities as a fly emcee. He also released a few loosies like the digital 12” Prayful’ Hate, an introspective reflection of self loathing, and a couple of others that you can find on Bandcamp.  Now, he returns with the Fly Philosophy EP.  Mostly self produced, this musical outing is merely the tip of the iceberg that chipped off of the glacier as Pep Love attempts to redefine the standard of dope Hip Hop. Along with the Wax Poetic day party events and the Hip Hop Needle Drop nightlife series his recent efforts make it abundantly clear that Pep Love has no plans of letting up until his rap dreams are made manifest.  

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